Environment, Health & Safety

Vision of Zero

Dow is committed to the “Vision of Zero.” We strive to achieve zero incidents, injuries, illnesses and environmental harm. This Vision of Zero means our employees return home safely each night, our neighbouring communities are healthy and safe and our environmental impact is minimized.

Emergency preparedness and response

At all Dow sites, the safe operation of our facilities is the top priority. Ensuring employee and community safety and preventing incidents are the goals of our site-wide safety programs, which include everything from employee training and facility maintenance to emergency response planning and testing.

Responsible operations

Dow Canada works proactively with governments, industry and community partners to address, prevent and minimize any risks associated with our operations. We are committed to safety and transparency. If you have any questions about any aspect of our operations, please contact fcaabpa@dow.com.

Community Safety and Emergency Response

Dow is committed to a “Vision of Zero”—zero incidents, injuries, illnesses and zero environmental harm. Every Dow employee is accountable for achieving this goal. This Vision of Zero means our employees return home safely each night and our surrounding communities are healthy and safe.

Dow emergency response teams are amongst the best in our industry, ready to respond to any incident related to product or worker safety. We cooperate with other local industry partners in working to address risks that are part of our operations. We have comprehensive risk assessment programs to evaluate security around transportation of raw materials and products. Dow works closely with our transportation partners to assess the effectiveness of their safety and security programs.