Fort Saskatchewan Turnaround

Dow’s facilities in Fort Saskatchewan will be conducting a turnaround throughout August and September.

What’s a turnaround?

You know how your car needs regular maintenance? Our facilities also get routine maintenance to operate safely and reliably. Every eight years, our facilities go through a longer maintenance period.

Throughout this maintenance period, Dow is committed to providing transparent, timely and two-way communications with community members. During the turnaround, you’re likely to notice more flaring and traffic.

  • Flaring is a standard procedure. It protects our employees, the community, and our facilities from changes in pressure as we shut our plants down safely.
  • We anticipate traffic volumes will be highest at 5:30 – 7:00 AM and PM. We are temporarily opening extra gates to our site on River Road and RR 220 and encouraging employees to carpool.

Thank you for your patience during these maintenance activities.