2021 Fort Saskatchewan Turnaround Activities

2021 Fort Saskatchewan Turnaround Activities

Dow’s facilities in Fort Saskatchewan will be conducting turnaround activities beginning in the spring, with the majority of the work occurring in late summer.

What is a turnaround?

Just like your car needs regular maintenance, our facilities also need routine maintenance to continue operating safely and reliably. This year, our facilities will go through a longer maintenance period.

Throughout this maintenance period, Dow is committed to providing transparent, timely and two-way communication with community members. Thank you for your patience during these maintenance activities.

Our commitment to health and safety

At Dow, protecting people is fundamental to every decision we make. Our sites are strictly adhering to local, provincial and federal guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Increased cleaning measures, separation of work groups, virtual meetings, contact tracing, physical distancing and facial covering requirements are some of the practices we have implemented during the pandemic.

During this year’s increased activity on site, we are implementing further measures to keep our employees and community safe. These include staggered shifts and breaks, barriers in welfare areas and further enhanced cleaning measures.


Flaring is an essential safety measure that protects our employees, community and facility from changes in pressure as we shut our plants down and start them up. We always communicate to our community and our regulators when we are flaring.


We anticipate traffic volumes will be highest from 5:30 – 7:00 AM and PM. We are temporarily opening extra gates to our site on River Road and RR 220, and we are staggering shift start times to limit the flow of traffic.

Economic Impact

Dow will hire an additional 3,000 temporary workers to support our turnaround activities this year. We are working with the City of Fort Saskatchewan to #SupportYourFort and the Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses. In a typical year, our economic impact is approximately $130 million to the local region; in a turnaround year, our impact far exceeds this.

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