2018 Diamond Symposium

November 19 - November 20, 2018
Toronto, Ontario

The Diamond Symposium is a career engagement conference hosted by Dow that is intended for top, underrepresented minority, undergraduate students from Universities across Canada. This event features an impressive lineup of Dow speakers who will help educate participants on our company, culture, and career opportunities, as well as provide key professional development advice to help build the leaders of the future!

Potential candidates should be majoring in Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Supply Chain Management, Computer Science/Management Information Systems, Business, Public Relations/Communications/Journalism, or Human Resources Management.

When/Where does Diamond Symposium Occur?

The Diamond Symposium will be held in Toronto, Ontario from November 19 to November 20, 2018

What Should Participants Expect?

  • Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Dow leaders and each other to begin building a professional network, participate in a “Day in the Life” activity with a participating function (Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Engineering, Information Systems, Finance, Marketing & Sales, Public Affairs, and Human Resources).
  • Participants can also expect to hear from Dow leaders from all functions present on topics such as: The Future Dow, Our Sustainability Journey, Inclusion & Diversity at Dow, Networking 101, and many more!

Participants may be considered for future employment with Dow; however, participation does not guarantee employment or obligate the student to apply for employment. For those wishing to learn more about opportunities at Dow, please visit our careers.