Diversity and Inclusion

Every day, we are committed to building a vibrant, diverse and talented employee base. We are an inclusive community highlighted by respect, collaboration and open communication. With inclusivity and diversity comes a wide range of experiences, perspectives, education and expertise. Having a team of employees with varying backgrounds is crucial to Dow’s innovation and success.

Our workforce is a diverse, vibrant and dedicated community, which provides challenging and stimulating employment opportunities. But what does diversity and inclusion mean at Dow?

At Dow, diversity and inclusion are inherent in our work environment. We value the differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives among our employees, and draw from those differences to fuel innovation.

GLAD encourages an accepting working environment so that people can excel. Fostering an open, inclusive environment helps Dow to excel and is at the heart of GLAD’s mission.

WIN: The Women’s Innovation Network
WIN was created to offer support and networking opportunities to support female career development within Dow.

DEN: The Disability Employee Network
DEN focuses on improving perceptions about people with disabilities and raising awareness about the contributions they make.