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Who We Are

Dow is a company of innovators, believers and solutions providers. Our founder Herbert H. Dow believed that one should always try to do things better. His commitment to improving methods and products and never settling for the status quo shaped more than 110 years of discovery and innovation at Dow.

Markets & Solutions

We harness the power of science to create solutions that make the world healthier, safer and cleaner.

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Ambition & Values

We provide insight, offer motivation, and point the way forward as we seek to grow and achieve our goals.

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Beliefs & Culture

We’re a diverse community marked by respect, integrity and the desire to make the world a better place.

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Health & Safety in the Workplace

Dow is committed to keeping our employees healthy and safe at work. Benefits at Dow include routine wellness programs, health screenings, on-site fitness centers at most sites, access to counseling services, and personalized weight management and smoking cessation programs. With more than a century of keeping Dow employees safe at work, our Drive to Zero campaign encourages unparalleled workplace safety, including the proactive identification, reporting and/or elimination of on the job hazards.


We are commercializing discoveries from the intersection of the chemical, physical and biological sciences that deliver solutions to the world's challenges.


At Dow, we are passionate about our contribution to solving the world’s many challenges. To build a better world, we all must change the way we live, work and play. For our part, we will do what we do best: innovate, adapt and collaborate.

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We’re a global team of solutions providers. And we have some of the world’s best scientists, engineers, and innovators dedicated to solving world challenges through innovation.

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Driven by our rapidly expanding global population, we ensure our unique chemical, physical and biological science capabilities work together to provide innovative products and solutions, where they are needed most.

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