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We are a company of visionaries who believe science and humanity can come together to innovate solutions that enhance the quality of life. Learn how our solutions are making our world a better place.


How can a pillow help you get a healthier night’s sleep?

Simple. Dow’s new washable memory foam technology provides for a cleaner, cooler and more comfortable sleep enabled by a larger cell structure that now allows memory foam pillows to be washed and machine dried.

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How can coatings impact the science of sound?

Simple. Sound is the result of vibration. Scientists apply a variety of technical solutions to reduce the impact of vibration-induced sound, but few offer the convenience of liquid-applied sound damping. With Dow’s ACOUSTICRYL™ Acrylic Emulsion Technology, coatings can be formulated for easy-spray application and effective sound damping. ACOUSTICRYL™ Technology is sound science.

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